Who is EthioGreen?

  • EthioGreen is a registered import / export company owned by Ethiopian Americans based out of Washington, DC.   Our mission is to reveal the green side of Ethiopia and help advance the country’s economy. Our major interest is to promote export of Ethiopian sustainable products weaved with the beautiful culture.  Our goal is to overcome the misperception of Ethiopia which is more known to the world as a place of problems and famine rather than its human potential, coupled with the richness of its economic prospects and heritage.  EthioGreen is independent of any political affiliation

Is exporting injera from Ethiopia illegal?

  • While exporting teff grain and flour is currently banned, exporting the by-product is possible.

How is exporting injera contribute to the current price increase and famine?

  • The amount of injera exported is insignificant compared to the total production of injera.  For example, at least 5 million injeras are baked daily in Ethiopia which equates to about 35 million weekly.  The total amount of injera exported to the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and the Middle East is about 100,000 per week, which is 0.003% (a tiny fraction of one percent) of the total production of baked injera.  Therefore, the export doesn’t contribute to the existing problem.

Why export injera?

We hope to benefit everyone involved – from growers to consumers. injera. 

  • We believe that teff is a product that has substantial potential in the future world market, and for further growth in the Ethiopian economy. 
  • We hope to create more jobs and practice fair trade in Ethiopia.  Everyone involved in the production and exporting line of injera, the farmers, gagaris, exporters, airlines would benefit from this business as the production goes up. 
  • We generate foreign currency to the country.
  • We help Ethiopians abroad who can’t eat the local injera due to different health issues.
  • The Ethiopian diaspora can be a recipient of the health benefits of home grown teff which is rich in nutritional content.

What to know:

  • The easiest way to help Ethiopia’s economy is to buy Ethiopian products and to use Ethiopian services.
  • Educating our community that the way out of poverty is trade NOT aid.
  • Creating jobs and promoting trade will bring about permanent solutions for making Ethiopia a more prosperous country.




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